5 Tricks To Enhance The Basic T-shirt

1. Clairvoyance: Know what you want and discover your true style. The basic casual t-shirt is not that basic. There are round neck tee’s, t-shirts with V necks, U necks, tee’s with deep V necks, deep U necks, crew necks, tight crew necks, loose crew necks, not to forget, variations in designs and cuts: slim, regular…Fabric plays an important part too. Cotton, blended, stretch, no stretch. Then, of course, the sleeves. Long sleeves or short sleeves? Full sleeves or three-quarter sleeves? Boxy sleeves or slim sleeves? With so many options, it is important first and foremost to figure out what you like. What you are comfortable with and what will make you feel confident.

2. Once you have found what you need make it your own. Get the fitting right. If you have an issue with the sleeves or the neck then get it altered accordingly. Make sure it is not too long or too short. Fix it till it is perfect.

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3. New tee’s like new shoes need breaking in. Through wear and tear t-shirts get softer and comfortable. That is why we feel so cozy and at home in our old rugged t-shirts and find it difficult to let them go even when they have been gone way past their shelf life. A simple way of breaking in any new t-shirt is to wear it to the beach. The saltwater and sand combo works splendidly to age your fabric.


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4. Mix it up! Style your t-shirt creatively. Don’t restrict them to only denim. I know that denim and t-shirts look made for each other but explore your options. There are chinos and khakis too. You can even wear a t-shirt as an undershirt along with a blazer or a dinner jacket. Play around with some accessories. Always remember to add at least one accessory to your look, whether it’s a watch or a pair of sunglasses or a leather wristband or a ring.

5. Do not discard the slightly worn and/or old t-shirts. If they have torn or have holes in them then of course do not wear them. But if they are slightly frayed or old then instead of wearing them indoors or chucking them out altogether, team them up with a pair of distressed denim or an old pair of chinos or khakis for a rustic, rugged and bohemian look. The idea is to use the T-shirts creatively and tap their full potential.

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