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How To Find The Right Fit? – T-shirts

1) The fit of the t-shirt is supposed to be casual. Thus the shoulders should fit perfectly. The shoulder patch of the t-shirt should match with your own shoulder length.

2) The casual t-shirt must be a bit loose around the waist especially if you have a bigger belly. You must avoid any kind of highlighting on that. In case you have a very slim physique, wear one that is still mildly loose. This makes your body structure look balanced.

3) The casual t-shirt is not tucked in and thus it doesn’t have to be too long. The length should end about 2 inches below the waistline of your pants. If it is too long then it ends up looking like a dress and if it is too short then any kind of movement you make will lift up the t-shirt and make it look a total misfit!

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4) Around your chest, the t-shirt has to be well fitted. Several men opt for t-shirts that are too tight around the chest and several buy in a size too loose. It has to fit you perfectly in this region.

5) The arm holes should fall incorrectly. If your armholes are too big or too small it will look too loose or too tight respectively. Apart from this, it is important to ensure that the fitting is perfect even in the area right below the armhole. This is the most ignored patch of the t-shirt.

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6) This is especially for men with muscles or who are too slim; always check how it looks from the back before you buy or before you leave the house. This is because the t-shirt could get too tight or too lose from the back and you wouldn’t even realize.

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7) The area around the neck is crucial, especially for collarless t-shirts. Men go for plunging necklines. That look is just terrible! You can go for a round neck if you have a sharp and edgy jawline and V-neck if you have a more rounded jawline. Actually, a V-neck for an angular jawline also works really well but a round jaw will not look good with a round neck. It will make you look unnecessarily overweight!

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