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4 Simplified Ways To Wear Your Polo T-shirt

Polo T-shirt is basically a  T-shirt trying to be cool! The Royalty often wore this kind of t-shirts while playing polo or just casually hanging out and thus it initially came off as a sporty look t-shirt. However, these t-shirts are the Bomb this season! They go well for casual meets, dates or even some cool parties!

1) Polo T-shirt With Chinos Look

This look comprises of well-fitted chinos in beige or navy blue with your Polo t-shirt. Loafers or sneakers can be your choice of footwear. This look is clean and classic. You can add a watch for style. A belt will add more confidence and character to the style. It is for a casual day out with friends and family. It may even work for casual movie dates.

2) The Next Look Is Polo T-shirt With Shorts

This look is for your everyday chores as well as beach days. You can opt for flip-flops or loafers with this look. Sneakers also suit the style if with the right pair of socks! This look is comfortable and casual. It is a cooler alternative to your basic t-shirt and shorts look. An important tip is to ensure that either the shorts or the t-shirt is plain. Printed shorts with printed t-shirt is a fashion disaster! Your shorts can be baggy or fitted it will still look stylish either way!

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3) Denim Look

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For this look, you need your basic pair of regular fit denim in basic blue. Avoid black as the season does not favor black denim! This is for a casual day out to classes or college and even school. Make sure the denim are well fitted and not baggy, washed or distressed. This is because Polo t-shirt is a symbol of elegance and does not go well with distressed and washed denim. Your footwear can be sneakers or loafers. Watch adds more elegance to the look.

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4) Polo T-shirt With Track Pants

This is a modern cool look that has been making rounds these days. It is for the men who love comfort as well as enjoy style. They opt for Polo t-shirt with tracks. It is a perfect combination or casual with classy and the look is great for vacation spots. It is comfortable but at the same time not very casual.

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