Fashion wins, in its truest sense, when it reaches the masses.

This is the mandate of young Shivam Vaswani for his entrepreneurial debut. Through Daagwood range of Fashion Apparels and Accessories he wishes to reach out to the masses and make it available to them.

A Vast Variety, with a touch of élan and that too at affordable rates, the mandate of Dagwood.

With the Background and Support of his family, which runs a successful enterprise in Fabrics and Apparels for over Three Decades, Shivam’s foray into Fashion Industry is natural.

National Garments, Mumbai has the expertise and backing of Shri Satishji Vaswani as well, who is hand holding the venture, each step of the way, towards its success.

The current line of Fashion Garments covers, Exclusively Crafted Shirts & Fashion Tee Shirts for the Young Go-Getters.

The forthcoming line of Fashion Accessories would include Fashion Socks, Ceramic and Rubber and Other Bow-Ties and Neck-Ties.

To keep the young in vogue with the current fashion the next line of Shirts and Tee-Shirts will have a blend of craftsmanship and Fashion Elements.

The Daagwood line of Fashion Shirts, Tee Shirts and Accessories comes to its patrons, at an affordable cost, with innovative packages and incentives. There is a subscription programme for those who wish to keep in touch with the fashion elements, all the time, while on the go.